Crafty Chi

Crafty Chi

by | Dec 6, 2021

There is a huge diversity of craft beer styles and taste profiles locally. We have some amazing brewers that we should be raising a can or two to and slurping when we are out and about this summer. So if you haven’t tried the BEST Chichester has to offer…you can’t call yourself a craft lover!

Get some of these down your neck…

Pick Your Own, Arundel Brewery

Arundel, 440ml 6%

This is the latest of their sour beers which feature fruits such as blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. These beers are very fruity and refreshing, with a slight sourness.

Drift, Little Monster Chichester, 440ml 4.2%

Drift is a new summer core range pale. Cashmere, Nelson, and Simcoe. A real easy drinking pale with tropical fruits, melon, and subtle citrus notes in a light hazy body.
Blonde Bird, Greyhound Brewery


Hops can help you sleep… You can apparently smoke hops as a sleep aid and of course, drinking too many IPAs will definitely help you sleep. But “Hops under your pillow” is an old farmer trick for encouraging a good night’s sleep.

Pulborough, 500ml 3.9%

Made using top quality Bavarian pilsner malts, this well-rounded ale is delicately hopped with Hallertauer Hersbruker and Nelson Sauvin, giving notes of floral spice and tropical fruit. A real thirst-quencher, and at just 3.9% it’s a really tasty and session-able pale ale.

SkIPA, The Emsworth Brewhouse Emsworth, 440ml 5.4%

SkIPA is a hoppy, American-style IPA brewed using malted barley, oats, wheat, and five New World hops to create a rounded, full mouth-feel India pale ale.


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