Click Hacks for Foodie Lovers

by | Oct 26, 2021

We are all guilty of the foodie photo snaps. Our partners sit there rolling their eyes in embarrassment as we angle the phone in every position known to man, fluff up the lettuce and twist the plate into better lighting, pushing our loved ones out of the way as their head is casting a shadow on the lamb shank.

I totally get it… after all, the Cracked Pepper Facebook group flourishes from precisely these kinds of photos. Although, I am renowned for tucking into my food and realising I forgot to take a photo halfway through. I am working on a better level of control.

Not only does Cracked Pepper love your stylish photos, but every single tag, picture, link and post that you create helps the business thrive! It gives them content that is REAL, honest feedback from local customers. That sort of advertising is priceless… so let’s see how we can perfect them!

Food photographers have an arsenal of tricks up their sleeves to make food look delicious on camera. And more often than not, these hacks make use of non-edible products that aren’t appetizing. Take a look at some of the methods used…

  • Motor oil can be used as a syrup substitute
  • Toothpicks hold ingredients in place
  • A makeup sponge can add height to a burger
  • Vegetable oil adds a juicy look to meat
  • Glue is a good milk substitute, as it doesn’t make things soggy
  • Dish soap creates longer-lasting foam in fizzy drinks
  • Corn syrup and food colouring can create ice cream that doesn’t melt
  • Shaving cream can be used instead of whipped cream
  • Ramekins are often used to keep garnishes surfaced in soup
  • Tampons can be soaked and microwaved to create steam
  • Alka Seltzer creates those lovely fizzy bubbles
  • Mashed potato is commonly used instead of ice cream
  • Salt added to the top of beer revitalises the foam

Now, I am not suggesting for one minute that you take shaving cream or tampons to your table at a local restaurant, and I am not giving up my makeup sponge… But you have to agree these methods are interesting. So, the next time you see that advert for McDonald’s, Marks & Spencer or Sainsbury’s… be safe in the knowledge that their food will be FAR from edible with some of these hacks.

For some less crazy tips, why not try using natural lighting and backgrounds when you’re photographing your food? You can also experiment with bird’s-eye angles or angles that create depth and height. Take a look at your phone’s camera settings, too – ‘wide-angle lens’, composition and grids with the rule of thirds can all help in taking great photos. Props, complementary colours, and even action shots are all great places to start. My advice is to keep heading to the cafes and restaurants for practice, hehe… practice makes perfect, after all!

Smartphone photos should be fun, and the best versions are those that tell a story. We want to see you all laughing around a table, we want to see aunty Maureen cramming cake into her mouth when she thinks no one is watching, we want to see videos of your reaction when that epic cocktail is walked to your table, and we most certainly love the photos of food all around your child’s face! So our advice…if you want to help your favourite local business, then take these types of photos and post them on Cracked Pepper, or their own personal page. You ask anyone that grows, makes, designs and cooks food what they love about what they do…it will be that they love to see people enjoying it!


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