An early look into TUI’s winter holidays for 2022

by | Oct 27, 2021

At the request of eager holidaymakers, TUI has released many of its holiday locations for winter 2022 earlier than usual. TUI has launched Senegal in West Africa as a holiday destination, with contemporary RIU lodging. New SENSATORI by TUI BLUE will also be accessible in April 2023. From the 1st November 2021, TUI UK began welcoming holidaymakers to its winter destinations, which will be available until 30th April 2023. The winter holidays can be booked with low deposits ranging from £75 per person – or, on certain TUI holidays, clients can stagger the fee of their vacation via Direct Debit instalments with no deposit. Those who desire warmer climates through the coldest months can pick from 45 destinations. These include winter gems such as the Canaries, Egypt, and Mexico. In addition to these, TUI clients also have the opportunity to travel to modern-day Senegal – superb for a brand-new isolated excursion. Located adjacent to the Gambia in West Africa, with a beautiful wintry heat, Senegal is the perfect place for adventure and relaxation. TUI will be operating weekly direct flights from London Gatwick to Dakar. Customers will reside at 4T RIU Baobab as part of TUI’s platinum selection, providing 24 hours all-inclusive meals, swim-up rooms, and limitless a la carte restaurants. Based 100km south of Dakar and directly on the coast in Pointe Sarene, the latest tourist resort in Senegal offers outstanding shorelines, beautiful nature safaris, and opportunities to explore the local culture. Currently, the SENSATORI Biomar will be available for customers to experience a late winter sun in April 2023. Located in Sa Coma, Majorca, the current addition to the TUI SENSATORI BLUE portfolio is designed to permit visitors to create their own personal, luxurious holiday experience from the large variety of facilities, which all SENSATORI hotels are acclaimed for. The former 5T TUI Platinum Protur Biomar Grand Hotel & Spa is undergoing a huge refurbishment. This resort has a choice of swim-up rooms in either the adult-only or family zones – and, for a more lavish stay, visitors can experience a suite with a private pool within the ‘adult only’ area. Richard Sofer, Commercial & Business Development Director at TUI said, “We know there is pent up demand for holidays and the desire to have a holiday to look forward to is more evident now than ever before. Many of our customers, in particular, families tied to school holidays […] and larger groups will want to book as far in advance as possible to secure their holiday of choice.” He expressed his anticipation for TUI’s new holiday destinations, saying that “we’re excited to launch Senegal as a new winter sun destination and are confident it will appeal to customers seeking value for money, great all-inclusive resorts and guaranteed sunshine – as well an experience that is a little bit different.”

The Top 5 Hidden Gems of Turkey

Holiday-goers who decide to take a trip to Turkey mustn’t miss these breathtaking destinations. Here are five hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered…

  1. The ‘Growing City’ of Antalya

Just a 40-minute drive away from Serik, the beautiful city of Antalya sits nestled between the southwest coast and the magnificent Taurus Mountains. Known as the ‘growing city,’ it is the fifth most populous city in Turkey – and it continues to grow. The area (which is home to many historic sites including the Perge Ancient City) also provides waterfront dining on the Old City Marina.  A must-visit seafood restaurant called ‘Yemenli Meyhanesi’ boasts five stars on Trip Advisor, with the benefit of a £2-36 price range. Visitors must also plan a trip to the picturesque Lower Duden Waterfalls, where you can watch the Duden River flow gracefully off Antalya City’s great cliffs into the ocean. You can also swim nearby and enjoy the fascinating scenery of the city, mountains, and forests by the Antalya coast.

  1. Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Venture down to Pamukkale and you will be met with a landscape of trickling travertine pools, basins, waterfalls, and seething mineral formations. Partake in the view from a pool as you swim through the water, with the opportunity to visit the Cleopatra Pools. Why not visit a nearby restaurant for a smorgasbord lunch? Then, start the scenic return journey to Kusadasi and Selcuk, with a stop for evening tea en route.

  1. Fundamental Amasra

Amasra is a highly rated ‘off the beaten track’ excursion in the Black Sea region, with amazing beaches and historic landmarks. The top-rated beach to go to is İnkumu, a 3 km long beach with fine, soft sand. Accessible via a narrow winding road from Bartin town through an alluring woodland hill, Inkumu is a luxurious destination for any holiday-goer. You will also enjoy Amasra Castle, with ancient walls from the Roman Empire. The road leading up to the castle weaves in between residents’ houses, giving you the valuable opportunity to buy local and handcrafted goods.

  1. The ‘Fairy Chimneys’ of Cappadocia

Residing in south-central Turkey, the moon-scaped zone of Cappadocia (southeast of Ankara) is renowned for special topographical characteristics called ‘pixie smokestacks’. The mountainous, cone-like elements were formed by erosion in line with delicate volcanic debris. Past tribes have delved into them to make settlements and palaces (like Uchisar), and surprisingly huge underground urban communities like Kaymakli and Derinkuyu utilised them as a hideaway for early Christians. Close by Kayseri is the Kayseri Science Centre with three different exhibition areas for visitors to enjoy.

  1. Hörmetçi village

Take a trip to see the Hörmetci wild horses. In the dusty plains at the foothills of Mount Erciyes, the native horses stray unfettered across the picturesque landscape. The thousands of untamed horses that roam the area are descended from workhorses that were abandoned by farmers. Take some stunning photographs as the horses run together gracefully, kicking up dust in the sunset.  It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture unimaginable images of wild horses frolicking at dusk.


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