All of our lives have changed so much in the past few years. The very foundations of the communities we hold dear have been both weakened and strengthened by the challenges faced during the Covid pandemic. Our modern society faces many problems, but local communities have stepped up to the plate and mobilised to make a positive change in people’s lives. Our magazine hopes to do the same. By highlighting the most positive aspects of the Chichester area and connecting individuals across the community, we hope to make a real difference in our readers’ daily lives. Our aim is to elevate the views and stories of the people that make this community what it is.

Based on conversations we have had over the last eighteen months, people have consistently said that they want to see more “good news” stories and inspirational material, as well as local feature articles that are positive in content and style. Many also said they wanted “no politics, causes or religious content, however subtle,” and did not want “another advertising magazine.” And so, Chichester Life was born.

Our first issue, covered a wide range of topics and told the stories of the brilliant individuals, businesses, and groups that make our community so unique. Our vision is to celebrate the best of the wider Chichester area, to promote the west of West Sussex in a positive light, and to celebrate the rich history and stunning beauty of the area. Over the coming months, we hope that our magazine will continue to grow in content and reach.

The second edition built on the impact the first had and now we are adding new stories to the online website as we have content to share. We are ALWAYS looking for content and regular contributors to report on local business, groups and people….. if you are interested drop us a message or call the office number

Three things make Chichester Life different:

Firstly, we are community-focussed in our content, covering Chichester and the surrounding areas from Selsey to Emsworth. Occasionally, we will also cover the wider West Sussex area.

Secondly, we have a growing team of community reporters, contributors and photographers who work alongside our young in-house journalists to cover different sections of the magazine. We are delighted to have worked with Kasia Kedziora from Katie’s View Photography (, who has provided the front and back cover images for this launch edition.

Thirdly, we will introduce you to organisations and people you might not have heard of before! In this edition, you will read the inspiring story of local mushroom farmer Roger Adams, as well as the amazing charity work that Tuppeny Barn does alongside its thriving business.